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The war THEY want you to forget: Yemen

Friday, 8 April 2016، 02:42 PM

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SHAFAQNA – For over a year now, Yemen has suffered under the fire unleashed by Theocratic Saudi Arabia. Since March 25, 2015, Yemen – the most impoverished nation of Southern Arabia, and arguably the world, has withstood the military assault of a grand coalition of countries, so that Riyadh could finally claim absolute control over the region.

A grand hegemon, the kingdom does not suffer contention to its rule.

A grand devourer of sovereignty, and people, the House of Saud has systematically, calculatingly, and purposely worked to destroy Yemen’s state, military, and civilian institutions, so that nothing could resist its imperious will.

The forgotten war of the decade, Yemen’s war has also been an unspoken tragedy – THE unspoken genocide Western powers, and their Arab allies have carried out, so that the world oil route could finally fall within their control.

Yemen’s conflict speaks of geopolitical ambitions, and an insane religious remapping.

If Saudi Arabia ambitions indeed to make Yemen kneel to its will, it also wants to remap, and reengineer its faith, so that Arabia would finally accept Wahhabism, as the only form of Islam.

Wahhabism is what allowed for the likes of al-Qaeda, and ISIL to rise plagues over nations. Wahhabism is the very extremism upon which the House of Saud has anchored its source of power and legitimacy upon … For Saudi Arabia to stay Saudi Arabia, al-Saud need for the flame of Wahhabism to burn brighter still.

To ensure that its House will withstand the test of time, to ensure that power remains within its grasp, the House of Saud had to reinvent the region to its own Islamic extremism – its own deviation.

Within this narrative of genocidal imperialism, before this most extreme form of unfettered capitalism Yemen was offered for the slaughter.

For over 12 months 26 million souls have witnessed a violence which cannot be put into words … Yemen has burnt under a million different fires, and endures a million different humiliations. To please the ambitions of a powerful Oiligarchy Yemen has been blockaded, and its people starved to death … Its hospitals, schools, bridges, places of worship, museums, historical landmarks, factories, fields, farms have been bombed, droned, shelled and burnt down.

Over 10,000 people have already died … the UN only admits to 6,000.  2 million severely malnourished children stand to die in the coming months … thousands have already perished.

Yemen has been torn apart, looted, raided, and pillaged.

Yemen has suffered all this while the world looked away … Yemen has withstood all this, and more without the world even acknowledging its suffering.

It is time for silence to be broken. Today the truth will be told. Today Yemen reclaims its name.

And even though Yemen might still in the end stand alone before this evil which was risen from the desert of Nejd; it is with pride and dignity that its people will answer the call of Resistance.

Resistance in Yemen is no longer a choice, a political statement or even a duty – it has become an entire people’s identity.

Yemen today is Resistance, and Resistance has become Yemen.

If again Yemen remains too far of a country for you to care, there is one group of people, one organization you absolutely should learn about: the Mona Relief Organization.

The unsung heroes of a war of attrition which has claimed more lives than anyone should have had to stomach, the Mona Relief Organization has operated in Yemen’s most dangerous and remote regions – often in the heat of battles … too often risking their own lives so that humanitarian aid could be delivered.

Completely independent from the UN, and Western sponsors, the Mona Relief Organization has relied on private donors to power its operations and beat Saudi Arabia’s blockade.

Thanks to the dedication of its director: Dr Riaz Karim, the Mona Relief Organization has distributed over 2 million meals in less than a year, and cared for the most destitute.

The Mona Relief Organization has reached this April the northern province of Hajja, an area which has suffered most of Riyadh’s wrath.

Hajja has been turned into a moratorium – together an open air death camp, and a prison. And since no relief has been allowed in, Hajjah has withered away … awaiting for the powerful, and the mighty to be done playing their game of thrones.


The Mona Relief Organization needs your help, and your donations. Without you, no hand will be extended to Yemen.

Without you Yemen will truly stand alone.

I will urge you to look not at Yemen as a foreign Islamic nation which you might have nothing in common with, but a living breathing soul which yearns like you to live free and with dignity.

Let us not allow for the hate of others, and the prejudice of others to cloud our judgement and taint our ability to value human life.

Regardless all which separate us as people, we are united in our common, compounded humanity.

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